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A Family-operated Coffee Roastery

We are delighted to serve both commercial and residential customers. We offer an exciting and indulgent array of coffee beans of diverse varieties from across Ethiopia. From distinct roasts to customizable blends, Queen of Sheba strives to continually elevate the coffee experience for everyone.

Located in Calgary, Alberta we are an established and family-operated coffee roastery. Deeply rooted in Ethiopian coffee traditions, we are dedicated to bringing wonderful, aromatic organic Ethiopian coffee beans to North America. Our Ethiopian coffee range offers something for everyone, from exotic robust to smooth milder flavours. Whatever your taste in coffee, you will be instantly delighted with our luxurious products.

Our Passion

The Finest Organic Coffee Beans

Our passion at Queen Sheba is to foster an appreciation for the genuine meaning and culture of Ethiopian Coffee among Canadian coffee enthusiasts. We want all of Canada to be able to access and enjoy the opulence and deliciousness of the finest organic Ethiopian coffee beans. Using our expertise we will guide you in choosing the right type of coffee beans to fulfil your needs. From the right caffeine level to roast, we want you to delight in coffee that perfectly meets your own unique preference

The History

Coffee From Ethiopia

Coffee production in Ethiopia has deep historical roots, spanning many centuries and is where the coffee plant, Coffee arabica, originates. Legend has it that a goatherder named Kaldi first came across the coffee plant whilst noting the energizing effects it seemed to have on his grazing flock. This delightful and interesting story was first published in 1671, and of marks a pivotal moment in coffee’s history.

Coffee is now cultivated in various regions of the world, with Ethiopia still contributing to 3% of all production. Remarkably, little has changed in the traditional methods of coffee production, with the majority of tasks—cultivation and drying—still being carried out meticulously by hand. Ethiopia is renowned for following ancient traditions and using manual craftsmanship in coffee production, which is perhaps why their coffee is deemed extra special.

The exceptional quality of Sidamo coffee is well known by coffee lovers. Growing at such high altitudes, the coffee can be classified as “Strictly High Grown” (SHG). Coffee plants grow and develop slower there, which allows the beans to absorb more nutrients. This extended maturation process, influenced by the local climate and soil conditions, contributes to the creation of robust flavors that characterize Ethiopian coffees from the Sidamo region.

The History

The Sidamo Region

It is highly probable that the origins of coffee can be traced back to the region surrounding Sidamo. Sidamo coffee is renowned for its well-balanced profile; it offers cupping notes that reveal a delightful blend of berries and citrus, accompanied by complex acidity. Coffee is the Sidamo region is cultivated at elevations ranging from 1,500 to 2,200 meters above sea level, in an area known as the Ethiopian Highlands.


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