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Organic Ethiopian Coffee

Queen of Sheba provides commercial and residential customers with only the highest and finest quality of organic Ethiopian coffee beans. Once you experience and savour a cup of our indulgent, rich and flavourful coffee, you’ll understand why customers love our products and return to order more! Queen of Sheba firmly upholds the belief that quality always surpasses quantity. This reflected in our meticulous care at every stage, right from the Ethiopian coffee fields to your cup, our perfect coffee beans always capture the exotic essence of their origins.

About Our Coffee

Hand picked, washed and sun dried

Originating in Ethiopia’s southern Sidamo region, Yirgacheffe coffee boasts its roots in what is deemed the birthplace of coffee. Queen of Sheba brings the allure of these lesser-known coffee beans into the comfort of your home at an incredibly affordable price. We guarantee you will make the right choice as you immerse your taste buds in every sip of this exquisite Grade 1 coffee. Don’t waste a moment longer to satisfy your coffee cravings.


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